Speaking Up for a Better Community

The Civic Council has always been on the ready to go to bat for the neighborhood – from initiating the planting of thousands of trees in the 1960s, preserving our neighborhood’s future in a the Park Slope Historic District in the 1970s, and keeping Sixth and Seventh Avenues safe from speeding traffic just a few years ago. Today, we continue our work to keep Park Slope a strong, vibrant community for years to come, whether gaining an expanded historic district, encouraging responsible development along burgeoning Fourth Avenue and elsewhere, or pushing for more livable streets for everyone.

We also seek to bring our community together and hear from as many voices seeking a better Park Slope as possible.

Here are just some of our most recent efforts:

  • We remain committed to getting citizen input into the Atlantic Yards project, and fighting for a people-oriented re-envisioning of the Atlantic Yards project. We have helped build coalitions among our neighboring communities, all of whom will be impacted by the new development.
  • Forth on Fourth Avenue provides an active forum for people who live, work, and use the thoroughfare, with the goal of creating a safe, multi-use, clean and green streetscape for the community.
  • We are charter members of the Grand Army Plaza Coalition, which has worked to make the plaza one of New York City’s great public spaces.
  • Our efforts to expand the Park Slope Historic District recently succeeded, helping to preserve many historic homes in the South Slope. The focus to include more of the North Slope will help protect more of our neighborhood’s special character.
  • The Livable Streets Committee focuses on what happens along our community‚Äôs streets and sidewalks for pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers, to promote our rich street life, safety for all, and transportation improvements. Recent initiatives have focused on the city’s new BikeShare and Slow Zone programs.
  • Park Slope should be a model community for sustainability and responsible stewardship on both the local and national levels. Our Sustainability Committee not only advocates for responsible use of natural resources in our community but also puts those ideas into action with such events as Civic Sweep and Mulchfest.

Learn more about these initiatives, then get involved in your community as a Civic Council member or volunteer.


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