Forth on Fourth Avenue

Working Together for a Better Fourth Avenue

Forth on Fourth Avenue (FOFA) arose from the Civic Council’s 2010 public forum on the thoroughfare’s future and a walking tour eight months later. A full-fledged Civic Council committee as of February 2012, FOFA provides an active forum and voice for people who live, work, and make use of the stretch of Fourth Avenue between Flatbush and the Prospect Expressway. Our goal is to help a safe, multiuse, clean and green streetscape for the diverse users of Fourth Avenue. (Read our full mission statement here!)

FOFA invites community neighbors and businesses, as well as people with ideas for improved public spaces, to connect in the work of creating positive change on one of the busiest roads in Brooklyn. We are a “hands-on” group, with activities that focus on pedestrian, cyclist and motorist safety; transportation improvements; climate-focused greening events; and strategies to bring color and vibrancy to 4th Avenue.

FOFA_Icon_smallFOFA’s current projects include:

  • Past work with community partners to make Vision Zero a reality on Fourth Avenue, and current advocacy for expansion of bike lanes and median/curb planting.
  • Developing ways to recognize Fourth Avenue’s commercial establishments and promoting inclusion of Fourth Avenue businesses in larger Park Slope ‘shop local” events
  • Fostering planting and maintenance of the 60 new trees beds (and tree guards) we secured for Fourth Avenue
  • Developing strategies to bring make Fourth Avenue a destination through promotion of street installations ranging from sculpture to “yarn bombs” on adjacent sites
  • Acting as a bridge for PSCC to Gowanus-based organizations and neighbors on issues such as the rezoning of Gowanus (through Gowanus Neighborhood Community Coalition) and Gowanus Canal waterfront improvements (including advocacy for Net Zero combined sewage output in the canal)
  • Maintaining connection with Pacific Branch Library (saved from demolition through PSCC collaboration efforts) through membership in their Friends of the Library Committee and related support for library projects

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