Judith Lief

Judith Lief, Committee on Trustees Chair, President Emeritus

Before beginning her career in real estate, Judith was a founder, editor and art director for Traditional Building and Period Homes magazines, trade publications for building design professionals. She has lived in Park Slope since 1984, and has been a member of the Civic Council for over a decade with positions on the Executive Committee and as Co-President. Judith has been a real estate broker for 16 years and is proud to call Corcoran Group her home office. She is also passionate about the work of the Historic District Council and has participated in City Council Land Use meetings and spoken in favor of expanding the Park Slope Historic District, which is now the largest in the City. She also attends lectures at the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen, and loves reconnecting with  preservation architects and tradespeople who were readers and advertisers in her magazines.

Judith is married to BRIC Editorial Director Jonathan Lief, and they are proud parents of two fine adults who went through Brooklyn’s fantastic public school system, which helped put them on a trajectory of finding their life’s passions.  


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