Forth on Fourth Avenue

Working Together for a Better Fourth Avenue

Forth on Fourth Avenue arose from the Civic Council’s 2010 public forum on the thoroughfare’s future and a walking tour eight months later. A full-fledged Civic Council committee as of February 2012, FOFA provides an active forum and voice for people who live, work, and make use of the stretch of Fourth Avenue between Flatbush and the Prospect Expressway. Our goal is to help a safe, multiuse, clean and green streetscape for the diverse users of Fourth Avenue. (Read our full mission statement here.)

FOFA_Icon_smallFOFA’s current projects include:

  • Supporting the St. Marks Block Association’s efforts to block a proposed drive-thru at the McDonald’s being planned on Fourth Avenue and Warren Street (on the former site of a Kentucky Fried Chicken), and making sure that the lot is kept clean and safe prior to construction.
  • Participating in the Civic Council’s Spring Civic Sweep, with emphasis on Fourth Avenue. [LINK]
  • Developing a way to recognize Fourth Avenue’s commercial establishments that are “good neighbors” — i.e., sponsoring clean-ups, “adopting” or planting a tree, using window boxes, etc.
  • Piloting a project between Bergen and Degraw Streets to focus on street greening. The project would involve support from block associations, condos, local organizations, and merchants.
  • Representing local interests in the various boroughwide committees that have been established by the Borough President’s office, and offering our input on the development and improvement of Fourth Avenue.

Meetings take place the second Tuesday of every month, 7:45 a.m., at the Fifth Avenue Committee office, 621 Degraw St. near Fourth Avenue.

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Read a timeline of the committee here.

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