The Park Slope Civic Council is governed by the Board of Trustees, all of whom have been members of the organization for at least 3 full months before being elected to the board. (You can read more about the Board in our Bylaws, and the Code of Conduct for all Civic Council trustees here. The 2 are presented in a single document with the Code of Conduct at the back end.)

Trustees actively support the organization’s mission “to understand the concerns of the various Park Slope constituencies and to select and implement effective responses through events, activities and advocacy efforts that engage the community and enhance our quality of life.” More specifically, Trustees establish organizational priorities, exercise general oversight of PSCC financial affairs, and represent the policies and decisions of the board to the wider community. They serve three-year terms, renewable for up to two additional terms, and are expected to attend monthly meetings from September to June and to actively participate in the activities of one or more of the Civic Council’s committees.

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The Board’s current leadership is as follows:

Joe Rydell, President

Rory Dineen, Vice President

Erica Stauffer, Treasurer

Candace Woodward, Recording and Corresponding Secretary

Timothy Gilles, Membership Secretary



Charles Alexander
S.J. Avery
Lee Boyes
Peter Bray
Karyl Cafiero
Mark Caserta
Stephen Copek
Donna Epstein
Leslie Gallager
David Gurin
Myra Kooy
Jeanette Lee
Kim Maier
John Mazurek
Amanda McAvena
Tom Miskel
Peter Saghir
Lauri Schindler
Doug Schneider
Tammy Shaw
Ronald Weiss