Livable Streets

Preserving Our Rich Street Life

From its beginnings following the Civil War, Park Slope has been a community of diversity, where people of different means and ethnicities and beliefs have come in contact while shopping on Fifth and Seventh Avenues, walking to school or house of worship, enjoying Prospect Park, and traveling by streetcar and bus, the old Fifth Avenue El and the subway. It is a place where one can walk everywhere, and in the course of that walk run into neighbors and friends, taking the time to stop and chat.

Certainly, Park Slope is an urbane urban environment with wonderful architecture and a human scale, but those would count for little without the richness of its street life. That is truly the essence of Park Slope.

The mission of the Civic Council’s Livable Streets Committee is to improve the use, safety and quality of the streets, sidewalks, and streetscape of Park Slope, in cooperation with neighboring communities, in ways that enhance street life and safety for all users.

Successful Livable Streets initiatives have been spun off in recognition of their success. The semi-annual Civic Sweep is now organized by our Sustainability Committee, and has added a strong focus on sustainability and good environmental stewardship. The focus on Fourth Avenue that led to the very successful March 2010 public forum, “The Future of Fourth Avenue,” and the energy that followed that event has given rise to the Forth on Fourth Avenue Committee.

In the near term, the Livable Streets Committee will take on issues of enforcement and education concerning traffic rules, traffic and transportation impacts of the Atlantic Yards project, New York City’s upcoming Bike Share program, and the city’s Neighborhood Slow Zones initiative.

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Photo by David Herman


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