(Above are the 2014 scholarship winners: l. to r. Vivian Phan, Sendie Brunard, and Erick Hernandez.)

Above are the 2014 scholarship winners: l. to r. Vivian Phan, Sendie Brunard, and Erick Hernandez.

Scholarships to Local Students

Every year the Civic Council awards a Scholarship for Community Service to one graduate from each of the four secondary schools at the John Jay Educational Complex who are college bound and exemplify significant community and volunteer service. The schools included in the award process are Park Slope Collegiate, The Secondary School for Law, The Secondary School for Journalism, and the Brooklyn Millennium High School.

The scholarship award harkens back to the days of the Manual Training High School (now the John Jay Educational Complex) in the early 1960’s, when the Civic Council would present one or two modest awards of a few hundred dollars each. In subsequent years, the scholarship sponsorships were funded and awarded in the names of Rosemarie and Francis Kazeroid, Mary Laverne Allman, and Evelyn and Everett Ortner. Most recently, the Civic Council has increased the award amount to $2000 per recipient, due to generous pledges from civic council members as well as from proceeds from the Civic Council’s annual fundraiser, Food For Thought.

The scholarships are awarded every June at the Civic Council’s general membership meeting. School staff, administrators, parents and families are invited to attend and share in this proud and moving event.

Past and present scholarship recipients have written and expressed their gratitude for the contributions the Civic Council has made in helping them meet their college expenses. The scholarship program has had a positive impact on the communities’ relationship with everybody in the John Jay Educational Complex, which has engendered an ongoing link between school and community. These scholarships offer all of us the opportunity to connect in a most rewarding way.

E-mail the committee at to help with this important work.

Photo by Joe Rydell

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