A Day at the Sweeps

Our thanks to the more than 100 hard-working volunteers who gave their time to spruce up our community at this year’s Spring Civic Sweep. Adults and children from Park Slope and beyond joined together on Sunday, April 10, 2011, to plant, clean, and learn what makes our neighborhood special.

We’d also like to express our appreciation to sponsors of the Sweep: supersponsor New York Methodist Hospital; 1 800 Mr. Rubbish, which coordinated free electronics recycling at the Sweep; Leopoldi Hardware; Park Slope Copy Center; Park Slope Day Camp; Park Slope Food Coop, whose members worked shifts at the event; Tarzian Hardware; and tb shaw realty. Also helping out were Vincent Cross and Good Company, with some fun bluegrass entertainment, and NYC Compost Project in Brooklyn, for their composting demonstrations.

This year’s Spring Civic Sweep also provided supplies to volunteers so they could paint out graffiti on lampposts. Regrettably, some of those volunteers were over-zealous, as they also applied silver paint not just on lampposts but also on some private properties along Fifth Avenue between Garfield Place and President Street. The Civic Council has sent letters of apology to those property owners for the damage and inconvenience. We have also offered to hire a professional painter to paint over the affected area in the color chosen by the owner. In addition, the Civic Council is taking steps to ensure this problem does not occur again.

To learn more about the day’s events or the fall edition of the Civic Sweep, head to www.parkslopeciviccouncil.org/civic-sweep.

Photos by David Herman

from the Spring 2011 Civic News