Change of Venue for #FixThisPublicSpace

Another great workshop . . . and a change of venue for #FixThisPublicSpace. New site – 4th Ave and 4th Street, outside JJ Byrne Park.

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Great news! MTA community representatives have told us that they are taking down the scaffolding at 4th Ave/ 9th St. Really soon! Perhaps even this Friday! (11/21)

In a letter to the Park Slope Civic Council, the MTA advised PSCC that “we are scheduled to be in the process of removing part of the scaffolding at the station on the proposed event date (November 21st). We are concerned that the event you propose would present safety challenges for both our customers and workers.” Councilman Brad Lander told us he shares this concern and neither he nor the MTA think it is a good idea to be anywhere near the station on Friday.

Our primary goal always has been to improve the 4th Ave/9th St transit hub and open up a constructive community conversation with the MTA and elected officials. They have spoken and we are listening.

So, we are moving our “fantasy” subway station to another 4th Avenue location – 4th Avenue and 4th Street on the fence and sidewalk in front of JJ Byrne Park, where we can see the transit hub in the distance, but are safely removed from errant scaffolding.

We trust that that MTA will keep their promises (from that same letter) to “come to a meeting of the Park Slope Civic Council to update you on the work (on 4th and 9th) . . . and the schedule for completing the remaining work. The MTA also said they would be “happy to discuss how such an event (our pop-up installation) might be accommodated,” when current construction work has been completed.

In order to celebrate and share our most recent work in a timely manner, the event on November 21 will include all the handiwork from our community workshops (canvas storefronts, costumes, and props) plus other ideas for way-finding. Some have been posted on this site earlier, and others are from our equally terrific workshop on Saturday the 15th. (See the photos at the bottom of this post!)

There also will be “discussion boards” and post cards where you can make suggestions to the MTA for station improvements.

Please join us at 4th Ave and 4th Street/JJ Byrne to see station improvement suggestions from your neighbors and to add your ideas. 2 pm – 7 pm . . . Friday, November 21.

Community comments are scheduled from 2:30  to 3:30 pm

(If you have more ideas about improvements at this transit hub, please send them to