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Prospect Park

Couldn’t be simpler – 1,000 Donations. 7 Days. 1 Park. With barely 24 hours left in this challenge, this seemingly “NO PROBLEMO” goal STILL NEEDS … Y-O-U-R participation!!

The average gift so far has been about $40, but please dig deep – almost every resident of Park Slope would surely join us in saying that Prospect Park is in the TOP 10 wonderful things in and near our community! We’re in the period when the park gets the most use and the Alliance helps keep it green and beautiful. If there were a turnstyle, you’d accept it and still use the park. This current “challenge” amounts to – “You give a little and someone who can’t give will share the park because you’ve been generous.”

A giving challenge has been issued by two of Prospect Park’s biggest fans, Lorraine and Gordon DiPaolo. If the Prospect Park Alliance receives 1,000 donations of any size in the week ending June 2, we will unlock a generous gift of $50,000.

Prospect Park is loved each year by millions of people in thousands of ways. 1,000 home runs. 1,000 picnics. 1,000 quiet moments. 1,000 bike rides. 1,000 miles jogged. 1,000 memories. The Prospect Park Alliance works in partnership with the City to keep the Park green and beautiful, and summer is the busiest season in Brooklyn’s backyard. We’re hoping the community will join in and be part of the 1,000, participating at whatever level they can.

Join the 1,000 by donating today!

Then, help us spread the word by:

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Funds from 1,000 For The Park will go toward the important work of the Prospect Park Alliance, a non-profit organization that works in partnership with the City to care for the natural environment, restore historic design and provide public programs and Park amenities. The Alliance funds a significant portion of the Park’s operating budget, and employs three-quarters of the Park’s staff.

Be part of the 1,000!