Gowanus Neighborhood Coalition For Justice

As discussions about Rezoning Gowanus restart, we wanted to remind you that the Park Slope Civic Council is proud to be a member of the Gowanus Neighborhood Coalition For Justice GNCJ. We again voice our support for the demands of the GNCJ for a socially just and ecologically sound rezoning and for a transparent and fully inclusive process during discussion about the rezoning. 

Please sign the petition and read the Coalition demands below!

Please visit the GNCJ website for a full list of priorities. The coalition’s top demands for the Gowanus rezoning are the following:

UPFRONT FUNDING FOR FULL CAPITAL NEEDS AT WARREN, WYCKOFF, AND GOWANUS The City must dedicate enough upfront funding for full capital needs at Warren Street Houses, Wyckoff Gardens and Gowanus Houses (WWG). All funding spent to improve WWG must adhere to HUD Section 3 hiring policies to ensure local NYCHA residents and low-income residents are hired to complete the work.

NET ZERO COMBINED SEWAGE OVERFLOW (CSO) Mandate net zero CSO from new construction created as a result of the rezoning, through the following actions: (1) Accurately model how increased density will increase CSO and impact local hydrology, (2) Require and enforce CSO mitigation in new development and (3) Ensure city investment in infrastructure to completely mitigate any negative hydrological impacts of rezoning.

CREATE AN ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE SPECIAL DISTRICT WITH POWERFUL AND CLEAR LOCAL OVERSIGHT Formal recognition and dedicated resources for an Environmental Justice Special District with a local oversight board with a diversity of representation from local residents including public housing, and from businesses, industries, nonprofit, faith based and civic associations to oversee implementation of all City commitments and developer requirements, inclusive of commitments to residents of WWG.
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