Have a Green Halloween!

The Park Slope Civic Council’s Sustainability Committee has come up with a list of suggestions you can follow for a really fun and more environmentally responsible Halloween.



Instead of buying pre-made plastic or vinyl costumes, browse thrift shops, flea markets, yard sales, or your own closets for inspiration. That loud Hawaiian shirt, that poodle skirt, that tie-dyed tee, old bowling shirt, or cowboy hat — they could all be the start of great costumes. There are many websites with ideas for homemade costumes – the site Robin’s FYI is an excellent start.



Instead of a plastic or rubber face mask, try nontoxic face decorating products. Old eye shadows can create bruises, wrinkles and scars – take a look at this Yahoo Voices page for some ideas.


Leftover Pumpkin

Add any leftover pumpkin to your garden compost bin or bring it to GrowNYC’s composting collection site at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket, on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


Environmentally Friendly Halloween Candy Containers

Instead of plastic pumpkins, consider beach bags, small wicker baskets, or cloth totes; little girls can carry Mommy’s old purses. If you want something new, Chico makes inexpensive, reusable Halloween bags.


Halloween Candy

Choose organic candy — candy made with natural ingredients, free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Order candy from these companies online or look for them at your supermarket:


Have a Happy and Green Halloween!

from the September 2012 Civic News