In Brief: Trees, Block Parties

Help Our Trees

The thousands of trees that the city planted this spring need our help. There has been so little rainfall in recent months that the saplings throughout Park Slope may not make it through the summer unless they are watered frequently. Watering is often overlooked as an important part of ensuring the survival of a young tree. A sapling needs to be watered regularly for the first two years in order to develop the root system that it needs to protect itself during periods of drought.

Why should we water these fragile saplings? As the MillionTreesNYC program points out, “Trees help clean our air, and reduce the pollutants that trigger asthma attacks and exacerbate other respiratory diseases. They cool our streets, sidewalks, and homes on hot summer days. Trees increase property value, and encourage neighborhood revitalization. And trees make our City an even more beautiful and comfortable place to live, work, and visit.”

Please help the saplings in Park Slope survive. Water them today.


Block Party Time

Interested in holding a block party this summer? Get an application into the city’s Street Permit Activity Office soon — requests must now be made 90 days before your event. These and other changes to the process are helping to streamline the permitting system, which is now all-electronic. Head to the office’s website to learn more, at