New Entrances Along Flatbush Perimeter Proposed for Prospect Park

Parks Without Borders is a NYC Parks initiative to fund $50 million in projects to make parks more open, welcoming, and beautiful by focusing on improving entrances, edges, and park-adjacent spaces. The Prospect Park Alliance is seeking your support for the following proposal:

The Alliance has proposed a $2 million project to create two new entrances along the Flatbush Avenue perimeter of Prospect Park, and reconstruct a third existing entrance that is in poor condition, the Willink entrance.  This project would make the Park more inviting, accessible, and safe for its many users.

With $2 million in funding through Parks Without Borders, the Alliance would focus on three entrances:

  •   A major entrance would be created for the public to access the Park on Flatbush Avenue nearest the Rose Garden, located in the Northeast section of the Park.
  •   A minor secondary entrance just north of the Prospect Park Zoo on Flatbush Avenue would also be created.
  •   Lastly, the existing Willink Entrance would be reconstructed.  This entrance is the primary entrance for accessing the Children’s Corner, which includes Lefferts Homestead, the Carousel, and the Willink Comfort Station. It also serves as the primary entrance for the Prospect Park Zoo.
Instructions to support this proposal:
  1.    Visit the Parks Without Borders website:
  2.    Scroll down and click on “Get Started” on the map
  3.    Zoom in on the map to Prospect Park and click on the Flatbush Avenue border.
  4.    Select improvements including, but not limited to: “Add new entrance”, “Improve accessibility”, and “Repair paving.”
  5.    Enter text into “Describe what you would like to see in this area (optional)”. Example text: “I support the Prospect Park Alliance’s proposal to create two new entrances and reconstruct a third entrance on the Flatbush Avenue perimeter of Prospect Park. This important project will not only help beautify an area of the Park that needs improvement, but more importantly will open up a vital perimeter of the park that has historically been difficult to access.”
  6.    Click submit

Thank you for your support of this proposal.  If our community comes together behind this proposal it will increase the chances that Prospect Park will receive this important funding.