New SIPs on 4th Avenue

Thanks to a cooperative effort with Bob Hyland (Sub-Irrigation Planter- SIP- promoter extraordinaire), the Re/Max Store on the corner of Fourth Avenue and Garfield Place, and FOFA, there is a new set of SIP window boxes on 4th Avenue. There’s even a display sample window box in the store that shows how the window box plumbing works.

The “before and after” photos (courtesy of Bob Hyland, GreenScaper) tell the story best. We hope other businesses will be inspired by this effort. SIP technology maximizes plant growth and ease of care, conserving water and building healthier plants (since they are watered at the root level). It’s applicable for containers of almost any size – in fact, following discussions with FOFA, DOT is experimenting with SIP-like plantings in medians along 4th Avenue.