Park Slope – Architectural treasure trove!

Both long-time Park Slope residents and tourists with an interest in architecture know that Park Slope “houses” some of the most distinguished buildings one can find anywhere in the United States. Big as the Historic District is, there are an incredible number of veritable TREASURES within a single square mile. What we’re doing here is in the nature of a little contest, one with only kudos to reader knowledgeability and/or sharp eyes as prizes! (We’ve purposely kept the images small, in part to make it more challenging. In 3-4 weeks, we’ll do a follow-up, wherein you’ll learn a great deal more about these “gems.” Also, we recognize that “old” and “distinguished” are not necessarily┬ásynonymous, but the American Institute of Architects HAS given most of the buildings we’ll feature some measure of “approval.”)

SO, … do you know where these 3 buildings are?! Email us if you do!

(Photos courtesy of the very excellent website