PSCC vs. very flawed Pavilion plans

"the Pavilion"The PSCC has never really “taken the summer off” – stuff happens 365/24 as we all know – and a developer’s plans re the most prominent portion of the Bartel-Pritchard entrance to Prospect Park galvanized some of our members who take historic preservation most seriously.

One knows that the approvals process is often something of a “rubber stamp” – developers may be a little constrained by various rules and regulations, but they have quite a bit of latitude re their designs.

But sometimes a design is just so flawed that if the community turns out at this or that “approval” meeting, objections to it are heeded. That’s what happened in connection with this proposal.

We link here to an informative article about the fight, one which alludes to PSCC’s role in forcing the developer to do “go back to the drawing board” on this one.