Civic Council Awards Scholarships to 4 Remarkable Students from the John Jay Educational Complex

These individuals – from left to right in the photo below
Julie Terrone from Millennium Brooklyn High School, Julio Martinez from the Secondary School for Journalism, and Claudia Koscielecka from Park Slope Collegiate

were awarded College Scholarships by the PSCC at its June Trustees meeting. We wish them great success moving on from highly successful High School experiences.

(Not shown but also honored was Averianna Ross, from the Secondary School for Law.)

Each recipient received a $2000.00 scholarship on the basis of the their volunteer and community involvement. Determination of recipients is primarily based on college counselor recommendation.

    • Julie Terrone will be attending Gustavus Adolphus College.


    • Julio Martinez will be attending New York City College of Technology.


    • Claudia Koscielecka will be attending Mount Holyoke College.


    Averianna Ross will be attending Buffalo State College.