Streetlights too bright?

streetlightsWe are indebted to Gothamist for this news item, one that impacts many Park Slope residents.

The issue of overly bright lights (an unintended effect of an ongoing NYC initiative to reduce energy consumption) came up at a recent Park Slope Civic Council meeting. Everyone seemed to agree that something like a “floodlight” illuminating one’s bedroom at night could not possibly be something Park Slope residents should have to endure. (Our Livable Streets Committee promised to see what could be done!)

Brad Lander and other “electeds” almost always has a representative at our meetings, and whether it was his office, our well-connected and vocal members or an online petition, “City Hall” apparently got the message.

Mayor de Blasio admitted in a recent interview that “The lights were too bright in many cases initially.” He indicated that Department of Transportation staff will replace some of the 78-watt bulbs with lower-intensity 64-watt bulbs and suggested that if the lights on your block are still too bright, call 311, and the city will send a crew to make such a change.