Sub-Irrigated Planter (SIP) Workshop

The Forth on Fourth Avenue (FOFA) committee is hosting a workshop at the Warren-Saint Marks Community Garden (WSMC) on Sunday Sept 22, 11am-12:30pm to demonstrate and build SIPs for 4th Ave beautification. It is free and open to the public. Please send us an email if you can make it

Sub-Irrigated Planter (SIP)
Workshop & Build
in the Garden

Sunday, Sept. 22
in the WSMC Garden
Learn how to make SIPs! Help Beautify the Neighborhood!What are SIPs? SIP stands for Sub-Irrigated Planter and it’s a planting method that promises less use of water, less maintenance, and high plant growth for container gardening, including window-boxes and sidewalk planters. It is especially well-suited for urban environments.

On Sunday Sept 22, 2013 at 11am, gardeners from Forth on Fourth Ave (FOFA), a committee of the Park Slope Civic Council, will host a workshop and build session at the Warren St. Marks Community Garden. Come and learn about the SIP system, help us build out some containers that will reside on 4th Avenue and/or bring your own container to adapt. Bob Hyland (, local SIP guru, will be on hand to answer questions.

For more information or how you can help contact, or Grace Freedman 718-858-4847.

Workshop is free and open to public.

Materials needed for workshop (not required, but would be greatly appreciated):
— Clean, empty plastic water, juice or soda bottles (any size)
— Plastic take-out or veggies containers (like 8 oz mushroom containers)
— Your own plastic container or window box (better if NO drain holes, though holes can be plugged if needed. Plastic tubs and buckets can also be used.
— Bring your own gloves.

Warren St. Marks Community Garden