Candace Woodward

Candace Woodward, Trustee, The Lovgren Awards Chair, Civic Sweep Chair and House Tour Chair

If you like the No Flyers, No Ads, No Menus signs you see in the doorways of Park Slope brownstones and apartment buildings, you have Candace Woodward to thank. She got the idea after seeing something similar in Boerum Hill. “It’s a simple sign, but it has a clear message, gives the Civic Council some publicity and has a description of the Civic Council on the back.  I’m proud of that,” says Candace, who moved to Park Slope with her husband in 1982.

For twenty years she worked for Chase Manhattan Bank, where she planned events for senior management and traveled widely. Still, Park Slope is where her heart is. “I love the beauty of the architecture, the fact that it is adjacent to Prospect Park and so near to the Museum and Botanic Garden,” she says. Candace became a CivicCouncil trustee in 1999 and has been either chair or co-chair of the House Tour Committee for most of the time since. “I had helped out with the House Tour before I became a Trustee so it just seemed like a natural thing,” she says. She also serves on the Sustainability Committee and participates in planning the Civic Sweep events, held twice yearly. Her appreciation for the beauty and historic architecture of Park Slope fuels her interest in the expansion of the historic district and the creation of a 7th Avenue BID.

In addition to her activities with the Civic Council, Candace serves on the Prospect Park Alliance Community Committee.  Candace was honored by being selected for the 2017 Brooklyn Women of Distinction. She received the Park Slope Civic Council’s Lovgren Award for Extraordinary Service in the voluntary category in 2013. She is a member of a walking group called The Shorewalkers.



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