Erica Stauffer

Erica Stauffer, Treasurer and Grants Committee Chair

Erica is a seasoned Human Resources professional with 15+ years of experience in financial services. She has recruited, trained, managed and designed recruitment and development strategies for early career talent across many different organizations. Erica has lived in Park Slope for over 20 years and has watched it grow and change with enthusiasm. She has been fortunate enough to raise her family in Park Slope and watch how the younger generation enjoys the bounties of our community. The community in which we live is a wonderful one, but it is one that needs passionate people to be involved in order to keep it that way. Change is a good thing, but we must always be mindful of the fact that communities only grow and thrive if they keep their spirit.

Erica believes that the PSCC understands that our community is not a bunch of streets and blocks of individuals that live in the moment, but rather an interconnected web of diverse individuals who call Park Slope home. The wonderful events and awareness campaigns that the PSCC runs every year are a part of what will keep the fabric of our community strong and enable it to grow in the future without losing its spirit.



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