Peter Bray

Peter Bray, Trustee and Historic District Committee Chair

As a college student in 1973, Peter Bray wrote a term paper on the renaissance of Park Slope and the role that the creation of the Park Slope Historic District played in the neighborhood’s rebirth. So it seemed preordained that he would join the Civic Council in 2007 to lead the expansion of the historic district. When the South Slope Extension was designated in 2012, Peter became a Trustee and has continued to chair the Historic District Committee. Under his leadership, a North Slope Extension was approved by the City in 2016, which made Park Slope the largest historic district in New York City.

He is committed to accomplishing PSCC’s 2008 master plan, which envisions a total of five extensions that will eventually protect more than 4,000 buildings, up from the current 2,700.  He has had extensive professional experience in developing affordable housing and community facilities in the South Bronx and founded a non-profit organization in 1999 to expand affordable financial services in low-income communities throughout New York City. Peter accepted a new challenge in September 2015 as the Executive Director of the Brooklyn Heights Association, where he was also engaged in completing that neighborhood’s landmarking efforts and in convincing the city to develop a more sensible and forward-thinking solution for reconstructing the BQE.

In addition to being a Civic Council Trustee, Peter serves on the Advisory Board of the Historic Districts Council and has been engaged with the Gowanus Landmarking Coalition to protect the character of our neighboring community. Peter has lived in Park Slope with his wife, Bridget, since 1982.



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