Rory Dineen

Rory Dineen, First Vice President

Rory has lived in Park Slope since 1993. Rory is interested in the challenges associated with growing urban density and has been involved in organizations addressing climate change in our community. He took part in “Develop, Don’t Destroy Brooklyn” and is a member of Preserve Park Slope, where he’s a member of the Traffic Task Force that meets on a regular basis with management leadership at the New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital to monitor successful implementation of a traffic plan designed to mitigate negative impact on the greater Park Slope community.

Professionally, Rory holds expertise in supply chain management in the healthcare sector. Rory is an active musician and has performed at locations throughout the NY Metropolitan area. His wife, Dr. Karen Kietzman, and he are the proud parents of their daughter who attended P.S. 261 and the Berkeley Carroll School, where he was active in the Parent Association. These experiences were valuable in developing his awareness of the value and impact of community activism. Rory is a firm believer in supporting local business and expanding diversity in the dynamic Park Slope Civic Council membership in his current assignment as 1st Vice President.



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