More Places to Sit around the Slope

DOT Bench, Union and 6th AveBenches are popping up all throughout Park Slope! The silver benches are made available by the city’s Department of Transportation and can be requested through the DOT website through the CityBench program,

In fall 2012, the Park Slope Civic Council’s Livable Streets Committee canvassed the neighborhood to choose good locations for the benches. Members of the Forth on Fourth Avenue Committee surveyed locations on that busy boulevard. Volunteers walked every block of Park Slope’s avenues and busy streets, and made a batch request to NYCDOT. The efforts from the hard work of these volunteers is paying off, and the benches are now sprouting up allover the neighborhood — and people are using and enjoying them!

See our map below for bench location. Click each pin to view a photo of the bench.

View Park Slope Benches in a larger map

For more information about the Livable Streets Committee, visit our page or e-mail us at