Park Slope Civic Council’s Small Business Committee Presents an Initiative of the United States Postal Service in Association with the Park Slope Fifth Avenue BID

In case you missed it, we’ve started an exciting initiative with the United States Postal Service. Read below and get involved! Sign up and give it a try!


We have some exciting news. The United States Postal Service in Washington has chosen five communities in the United States to test a unique marketing and delivery service aimed at small mom and pop businesses.  Essentially, the Post office already does the last leg of delivery for many online sites, so it’s a natural fit for them to offer local delivery to support small businesses while they are out and about in the community. We are proud to say that Park Slope is one of five communities in which the project will be launched and tested in the fourth quarter of this year and the Park Slope Fifth Avenue BID is working with them to get the project rolling. The results of this trial will help shape the program on a national level!
There is no cost for merchants or professionals to participate. The only requirement is that you sign up and produce at least one unique offer per week for residents to click on in the upcoming website. It doesn’t have to be anything too expensive, just something that will help grab the community’s attention. You’ll be able to offer free next day delivery of these special offers with custom packaging and labels, as well as pickup provided by the post office! If you don’t offer delivery (or perhaps offer services that can’t be delivered), this will be another site for you to tell the community out about what you do and what you offer! It’s a win-win.
There will an official, splashy launch on June 1st, so we want to get the word out and get lots of businesses signed up this month. The website will be launched officially on October 1st.  **To reserve your place in the trial just email** (this is the web platform that the trial will be built on) with a photo of your storefront or office plus what might be the four unique offers for each week in October (these can be changed at any time daily once you are provided an access the site). You can also direct your questions or concerns to us or to the email as you consider your participation.
The Park Slope Fifth Avenue BID is always looking for ways to support our small businesses in these challenging times. This is a funded, well-supported program that we have worked hard to vet and shape from the perspective of our community and the needs of our small (and micro) businesses. We hope you will join us in this trial to see whether a larger program can be offered to small businesses throughout the United States.
There are a lot more details in the presentation provided by the post office and emain. You can download and review it here. Sign up for the trial here!